What is the Alternative Arts Program?:

This is a short summer project happening June 16 – Aug 1 of this year. From idea to reality in a short 4 months, I'm extremely excited to see what impact we, in conjunction with Freedom Schools, will have on the underprivileged youth! My vision is to create an “Alternative Arts” program which introduce Hip Hop Dance to the youth, in both the Juvenile Justice System and the underprivileged neighborhoods, as an outlet or simply, as another option. This is another platform that will compliment the current Freedom School program of teaching underprivileged youth how to read. To give them an alternative to drugs, gangs, or what they already know. To give them a taste of what they can continue pursuing after they leave the Juvenile Justice System. Knowledge is power.

My goal is: to get involved with the inner city youth and catch them before they head into the Juvenile Justice System. To give these children an opportunity to a potentially brighter future by presenting to them other options in their lives that can lead them in a different direction. To also create a platform for dancers, who love to teach, to exercise their passion by making a difference in an unrelated community.

This program is about touching and changing lives today. To give youth another shot at life, a better quality of life, a better outlook on life, to set them in a different direction and to offer them the opportunity to set them free.