Spring clean your closet and make space for a hot new collection. The Other Duck's Spring 13 brings you splashes of color and versatile pieces. The brand new line by Cheryl Koo is a present to the ladies. Catered towards the skater and dancer girls, this new line offers more than just sweats and tees. These innovative garments allow for the passionate people to be trendsetters in fashion while doing what they do best. Reversible in-side and out, front-side and back, one top can make a whole lot of outfits. With creative detailing and original shapes, these pieces are fun, flirty and flowy, giving you room to move while making a strong statement. Beautified for breakfast or dolled up for dinner, this line is flexible enough to fit in to any part of your busy schedule. With pockets and bows and buttons and Theodore, what more could you ask for? Spring 13 is here.